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After our backstroke and breast stroke technique work over the last two weeks I am sure you will have guessed that this week it is Butterfly!  Although widely considered as the hardest stroke to master it is probably the most beautiful to both watch and enjoy swimming when you learn the technique.  And – guest what – it also requires an Early Vertical Forearm!

Chloe Sutton has an excellent video with some really good tips which you can watch here:

We will be doing some of the drills she demonstrates, especially the Caterpillar and single-arm drills.

For me, the key to a good Butterly is to relax and really get that nice undulating dolphin motion going.  Don’t fight the water, try and get the rhythm using your head and legs, as Chloe explains,  and enjoy the smooth, undulating motion.

See you Saturday!


Well done for all of your efforts last week with backstroke.  I saw some excellent efforts and good-looking backstroke, especially when some of you took your time a bit more on the drills.  This week we will be doing some breast stroke and I have another excellent Chloe Sutton video for you to watch here:

“But breast stroke is so unlike front crawl – how on earth can it make me a better triathlete!?  You are just having a laugh!”,  I hear you all cry (especially Juliet…!)  My three answers to that question this week are:

  1. A good breast stroke pull has the same key feature as a front crawl pull – a high-elbow and vertical forearm (watch 4:30 into the video for a great demonstration).
  2. Doing different strokes give you a different way of developing your feel for the water – and makes you a better all-round swimmer – and better all-round swimmers usually swim faster at front crawl due to their improved feel for the water.
  3. It’s fun to try and learn new things!

When we do the drills this week we will be following a similar pattern to the drill progression Chloe talks about in her video – kick then pull then timing.  So please do enjoy doing the breast stroke this week alongside our more familiar aerobic-paced front crawl sets.  And remember – bring your feet to your booty on the kick!

See you Saturday,


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