Great work again last week on the Early Vertical Forearm.  It was terrific to see the improvements many of you are making with this and to hear that many of you are feeling the difference, too.  We have one more week of doing drills to practise this before we do our first time trials of the Winter next week.  We will be doing similar drills to previous weeks but this time swum as 50s rather than 25s before we get into the main set.  In the main set we will also be doing some EVF drills to remind you to keep that beautiful EVF throughout the set.

For those of you that have taken advantage of the underwater video recording over the past couple of weeks you will have a pretty good idea of how much of an EVF you are currently achieving.  You can see a fantastic example of EVF in the short clip of Rebecca Adlington below:

Now we are all unlikely to reach the level of EVF that Rebecca did but even small improvements are likely to make a positive difference so please do try your best at this.  And we will have the video camera again this week so if you do want to try and see what you look like underwater please ask Chrissie or myself.

See you Saturday,