Geat work last week on the drills.  It was fantastic to see a really good high-elbow pull, with great Early Vertical Forearm (EVF), especially when you added the pause in the stroke at the EVF position.  Now you have the hang of these drills we are going to do some more work on them this week to practise a bit more.  The most important thing to remember is taking enough time to check that you are in that EVF position, with your forearm and hand pointing vertically downwards, before starting the powerful underwater push to the end of the stroke.

After the drills we will be doing a main set of aerobic 75s and 125s with some drills in the middle to remind you about keeping that excellent EVF position you have been practising.  But please don’t wait for the drill section, though, to think about keeping that strong EVF position – keep it up all the way through the main set and also into the pull subset!

See you Saturday,