Well done to everyone who braved the high chlorine levels on Friday and Saturday last week to attempt some of the challenge swim at least.  The Duty Manager was very apologetic and did everything he could to reduce it with extra water and opening the door, with all the chemicals turned off, but it took a long time to even out.  The good news is that the water quality was so much better on Tuesday so hopefully it will remain so.

This week we will be starting more technique work and steadier-paced swimming in the Winter training leading up to Christmas.  There are lots of things to look forward to in this period, such as time trials, some fun new drills and video analysis, but we are going to start with some simple sideline kicking drills this week.  I would really like you to think about three main things when doing this:

  1. Really engaging your core muscles to hold a good straight body position
  2. Making sure your lead arm always has your palm facing down and your elbow higher than your hand, ready to start a high-elbow pull
  3. Keeping your head looking down (only looking slightly forward to check your high-elbow) and only moving when you turn for a quick breath

After the technique set the most important thing to do is to try and keep what you have been practising on the drills throughout the main set and beyond.  Think “technique” on the first length of each rep and keep it going.

See you Saturday!