I hope you were all as impressed as I was by all the action in Rotterdam last week – from both the Elites, Age Groupers, Para and especially members of our club that raced and Don has recently written about.  Inspired by their efforts I thought it was only fitting to do a set this week like the training they do themselves.  So we will be doing the Brownlee main set of progressively-paced 100s that we have done before.  This time, however, we will be making them 1-3 progressive, rather than 1-5 progressive as we usually do, to make it more of an action-packed set like the action we saw on from Rotterdam last week!

In the technique subset we will be doing some head-up front crawl and straight-arm recovery front crawl to help you focus on getting your stroke high for the main set.  Really think about a getting a quick catch when doing this – keeping it short and fast at the front of the stroke.  Then keep this going with a nice quick catch when you get into the full stroke swimming.

See you tomorrow,