Well done doing the fast 200s we did last week.  I saw a lot of effort put into them and hopefully it was a good chance to learn a bit about what a fast pace feels like and what is sustainable, even with a 4 min rest.

This week is a much steadier session and a chance to think about high-elbow catch as well as some aerobic swims.  It will also be a 1 hour session again for the 8am session to give the Juniors time for the final set of time trials this year.  With the club Aquathlon for many of you on Sunday the gentler-paced swimming this will be a good chance to slow things down a bit and lock in a bit better technique ahead of Sunday.  We will be doing some of the Chloe Sutton drills with counting 1-2-3 to really give yourselves time to think about the high-elbow catch position.  Look at the two drills starting at 6 minutes into the Chloe Sutton video if you want a reminder!

See you Saturday,