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Last week we did the Brownlee set of 100s, inspired by Jonny Brownlee’s performance in Rotterdam.  This week we are being inspired by Jess Learmonth who had a fantastic performance in the womens’ elite race.

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She’s one of the fastest swimmers on the ITU circuit today so this week our main set will be based on one of her favourites.  The set consists of some good paced 100s and 50s with some steadier paced kick in between, both with and without a kick board.  Kick is a great way to work on your core so I hope you enjoy trying out this new set.

We are back to the usual swim times this week with the 8am session finishing at 9:15am.

See you Saturday!


I hope you were all as impressed as I was by all the action in Rotterdam last week – from both the Elites, Age Groupers, Para and especially members of our club that raced and Don has recently written about.  Inspired by their efforts I thought it was only fitting to do a set this week like the training they do themselves.  So we will be doing the Brownlee main set of progressively-paced 100s that we have done before.  This time, however, we will be making them 1-3 progressive, rather than 1-5 progressive as we usually do, to make it more of an action-packed set like the action we saw on from Rotterdam last week!

In the technique subset we will be doing some head-up front crawl and straight-arm recovery front crawl to help you focus on getting your stroke high for the main set.  Really think about a getting a quick catch when doing this – keeping it short and fast at the front of the stroke.  Then keep this going with a nice quick catch when you get into the full stroke swimming.

See you tomorrow,


Well done doing the fast 200s we did last week.  I saw a lot of effort put into them and hopefully it was a good chance to learn a bit about what a fast pace feels like and what is sustainable, even with a 4 min rest.

This week is a much steadier session and a chance to think about high-elbow catch as well as some aerobic swims.  It will also be a 1 hour session again for the 8am session to give the Juniors time for the final set of time trials this year.  With the club Aquathlon for many of you on Sunday the gentler-paced swimming this will be a good chance to slow things down a bit and lock in a bit better technique ahead of Sunday.  We will be doing some of the Chloe Sutton drills with counting 1-2-3 to really give yourselves time to think about the high-elbow catch position.  Look at the two drills starting at 6 minutes into the Chloe Sutton video if you want a reminder!

See you Saturday,


The Juniors have time trials for the next two weeks so we will be finishing the 8am session at 9am to give them enough time.  That also means we can get the pool for 3 hours on October 7th, though, so put the date in the diary now for a good, long session!

It’s nearly the end of the season so we will only be keeping the faster paced sessions going until the end of September before we get into Winter training.  This week we will be doing a main set we haven’t done for a long time consisting of some very fast 200s.  You will be getting a massive 4 minute recovery between each 200 to allow you to swim each one nearly at max effort, during which time I would encourage everyone to swim at least 50m nice and easy.

This is a great set for working on your VO2 max and expanding the speed at which you can comfortably swim.  Aim to swim each 200 as fast and relaxed as possible, still with a good fast stroke rate, and ideally swim a negative split (i.e. swimming the second half slightly faster than the first half).  Then as you tire really try and hold onto your stroke.

See you Saturday,


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