This week we will be working on an important skill for open water racing – the start.  The specific aspect I want to work is starting fast to help you get into a good position during a mass start and then easing off into a sustainable race pace.  We will be doing this with some positive split 200s – meaning you swim the first 100 fast and then drop back into a steadier and sustainable race pace.

A good way to practice this is to leave a 5s gap and try and get on the feet of the swimmer ahead during the fast 100 and then hang onto their slip stream, without any annoying toe-tapping.  Similarly you can try and few tactics of trying to vary the pace a bit to stay away from the swimmer behind if there is space in the lane.

Swimming at different paces is a feature of good open water racing – taking advantage of swimmers around you to slipstream and trying to stop others take advantage of you – so focus on that during the session this week.

See you Saturday,