This week we will be doing what I call the Brownlee main set of 100s, so-called as the Brownlees say it is one of the favourite swim sets, which we haven’t done for a long time.  It’s very simple and consists of 15 x 100s, swum 1-5 progressively with the 4th 100 being at race pace and the 5th one faster than race pace.  I really like it as contains a little bit of everything we like in a good triathlon main set – it’s specific to our typical race distance of 1,500m, includes a mix of different paced swimming and is great for race-pace endurance.

To do it well make sure you pace yourself at the start so you can really pick up the pace as you go through the set.  And try and pick up the pace as you would when doing a “golf stroke” set by increasing your stroke rate but keeping the same number of strokes per length.

See you Saturday,