This week we will be doing the set of fast 50s as USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training).  This can be swum in a couple of different ways.

The first way is to swim it at a comfortable pace and focus on good pacing and technique.  As the turnaround times are comfortable this is very possible and will give you a comfortably-paced session that is not too taxing.  This is ideal if you have a race coming up, you are coming back from injury or just need a low intensity session.

The other way is to swim it at an unsustainably fast pace that means you will need to miss out at least 2 of the 50s to maintain your times.  This is how the set is intended to be swum and designed to give you the benefit from a lot of faster than race pace swimming and helps you work on maintaining your technique and speed while fatigued.  Please read my previous post on the details of how to swim it this way here.

I am very happy with whichever way you decide to tackle this session as you know what sort of session is best for you at this stage of the season.  My only request is that you put yourself in the right position in the correct lane (with everyone swimming 5s intervals and getting 20-25s rest) to make sure everyone can get the right workout we want from this session.

Thanks and see you Saturday!