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This week we have the pool for 3 hours so will be doing two 1.5 hour sessions from 7am till 8:30am and 8:30am till 10am.  We will be doing a long set of 100s in both sessions giving you the opportunity in each session to do 5km in lane 1, 4.5km in lane 2, 4km in lane 3 and 3.5km in lane 4.  Or why not double up for a really monster set of distance training!?

Three things I’d like you to do tomorrow, please:

  1. Bring a drink and appropriate nutrition for the length of set you are planning to tackle.
  2. Focus on efficiency in your stroke and good technique – especially maintaining the high elbow catch – when you are starting to fatigue.
  3. Enjoy both the personal challenge and sharing it with everyone else in your lane, too.

See you tomorrow,



After the intensity of the swims over the last two weeks we’re going to mix it up a bit this week with a triathlon swimmer’s equivalent of cross-training – some different strokes!  There will still be plenty of front crawl – all at an aerobic pace so giving you more time to think about your technique – but with some medley swims thrown into the main set.

I do think swimming different strokes every once in a while is good for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it helps you become a more-rounded swimmer by helping develop water skills you don’t get from just swimming front crawl.  Also, different strokes really do work different muscles much better and Butterfly, especially, is a really good work-out for your core.  And swimming different strokes is fun, too, and gives you a break from the same-old strokes each week.

I know many of you do find Butterfly difficult so please just give it a try.  Butterfly is the hardest stroke for pretty much everyone and the secret to making it easier is to get the dolphin action by really diving under the water on each stroke and letting your hips rise.  One of the most effective ways of doing this is to throw your head down quickly after breathing as the momentum of your head will help with the diving down action.  If you are really struggling try just doing single-arm butterfly and getting the rhythm that way first.

Next week we have the pool for 3 hours as the juniors are away at Grafham so if you are around look forward to a longer session!

See you Saturday,


Well done for all your efforts last week on the USRPT 50s.  It was good to see some good times from those pushing the pace and also some great consistency from those swimming at a more comfortable pace in preparation for racing on Sunday.

This week we will keep pushing the pace with some fast 100s.  I’d like you to aim to swim them at double your USRPT 50 pace plus 3-5 seconds.  So, if you were swimming each 50 last week in 50 seconds, I’d like you to aim for 1:43-1:45 for each 100 this week.  There will be a reasonable amount of rest plus a few Brucey Bonus rests to ensure you can keep the pace high.  To help keep the pace going throughout the 100 please focus on the second half of each 100 and think about the “Hinge” (2) of your 1-2-3 on each stroke to ensure you are maintaining your strong catch.

See you Saturday,


This week we will be doing the set of fast 50s as USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training).  This can be swum in a couple of different ways.

The first way is to swim it at a comfortable pace and focus on good pacing and technique.  As the turnaround times are comfortable this is very possible and will give you a comfortably-paced session that is not too taxing.  This is ideal if you have a race coming up, you are coming back from injury or just need a low intensity session.

The other way is to swim it at an unsustainably fast pace that means you will need to miss out at least 2 of the 50s to maintain your times.  This is how the set is intended to be swum and designed to give you the benefit from a lot of faster than race pace swimming and helps you work on maintaining your technique and speed while fatigued.  Please read my previous post on the details of how to swim it this way here.

I am very happy with whichever way you decide to tackle this session as you know what sort of session is best for you at this stage of the season.  My only request is that you put yourself in the right position in the correct lane (with everyone swimming 5s intervals and getting 20-25s rest) to make sure everyone can get the right workout we want from this session.

Thanks and see you Saturday!


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