Well done for your efforts last week on the new “stabilized single-arm” drill and “catch-up with a pause” drill we did from the Chloe Sutton video to work on the high-elbow catch.  We will be doing them again this week during the warm-up to give you some more chance to practice the high-elbow catch before we start the main set.

The main set this week will be a set of speed endurance 100s where you should be swimming fast on a short recovery but with breaks after every few 100s to recover before the next block.  During this set I would like everyone to think about breathing quickly and correctly, keeping one goggle in the water, as I think a short and quick breath really helps with both good technique and, most importantly, having a good quick stroke rate.  You can watch another great video from Chloe here to see how to breath really well and quickly.

Please watch especially closely how quickly Chloe breathes 1:24 into the video and try and emulate that speed of breathing when you swim on Saturday.

See you then,