Well done for all your efforts last week on the USRPT 50s, which is probably the most intense session we have done so far this year.  We will be doing some more of these again soon as I think they are a great session for increasing the speed that you can comfortably maintain.  However, this week we are going to slow it down with some steadier-paced swimming to give you more chance to think about technique.

As you know, I love to particularly focus on the high-elbow catch as it is the area of our stroke most of us can gain the most benefit by improving.  And there is a great video by Chloe Sutton, a US ex-Olympian, that has a great demonstration of this together with some drills we haven’t done before.  It is a 9-minute video and I highly recommend watching all of it.  But if you just want to know the drills we’re doing this week look at the two drills starting at 6 minutes into the video – stabilised single-arm and catch-up with a pause.

See you Saturday and I look forward to watching some beautiful high-elbow catches both in the technique subset and also continued into the main set!