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Well done for all of your efforts at the time trials last week.  This week we will go back to some steadier-paced swimming, with time to focus again on your technique, together with some pursuit swims to add a bit of speed and racing tactics at the end.

We will start with some aerobic-paced 150s this week, half of them pull with paddles, and I’d like you to use this to focus on the high-elbow catch that we worked on a few weeks ago.  Please watch Chloe Sutton’s excellent video on this if you need a reminder.  Then we will be doing a short technique subset to focus on increasing your stroke rate, with some golf stroke, where I’d like you to focus on quick breathing as we again have been practising recently.  And to finish off we will do some pursuit swims for a bit of fun and fast-pace practise.  Try and mix it up a bit this week and try some different tactics.  Remember, you don’t have to wait until the “live” 50 to go fast if you want to get away from the swimmer behind, so long as you’re not being held up by the swimmer in front!

Also, I’ve been contacted by TYR, the swimsuit manufacturer, with some free samples of a really interesting new spray-based Lycra swim suit they’ve developed that was used with great success in the Rio Olympics.  It is FINA approved and helped swimmers achieve some of the incredible times many of you will have watched.  Drop me an email if you want to try it out this week for some extra speed in the pursuit swims and I will bring some samples along.  You can find more details about on this website.

See you Saturday!


We will be doing time trials again this week as we follow the usual schedule through the Winter of doing it every 2 months.  I know some of you love time trials and others hate them but I do genuinely believe everyone can learn and benefit from them.  You can use the learning suggestions I talked about last time (Time Trials – What do you want to learn?) or focus instead on an aspect of technique we’ve been working on and see what difference that makes to your times, splits, stroke rates or just how it feels.

It has been great to hear how much some of you have found the breathing drills we did last week.  I know some of you are still finding it hard, though, to keep one goggle in the water and don’t yet have confidence that it is possible to keep a goggle in the water and still breathe effectively.  So please watch another of Chloe Sutton’s videos below if you want to see why it is possible if you keep your head in the correct position.

So if you are unsure about whether or not to do the time trials this week why not come along and focus on the breathing instead as an experiment and see what effect it has?

See you Saturday,


This week week we will be doing some focus on breathing drills and the Will Clarke set of fast and steady 50s to provide some more speed work.  Key things to think about:

  • Please watch the video I posted last week from Chloe Sutton about how to breath well in front crawl.  You will have chance in the technique set this week just to focus on quick breathing and keeping one goggle in the water as she demonstrates really well in her video.  A quick breath will also help you maintain a good tempo with a quick stroke rate.
  • Please try and make sure you get a good pace variation in the 50s, even when the turnaround is tight, to get the most from the Will Clarke set of 50s.  Re-read my previous post on this for some ideas to help

See you all Saturday!


Well done for your efforts last week on the new “stabilized single-arm” drill and “catch-up with a pause” drill we did from the Chloe Sutton video to work on the high-elbow catch.  We will be doing them again this week during the warm-up to give you some more chance to practice the high-elbow catch before we start the main set.

The main set this week will be a set of speed endurance 100s where you should be swimming fast on a short recovery but with breaks after every few 100s to recover before the next block.  During this set I would like everyone to think about breathing quickly and correctly, keeping one goggle in the water, as I think a short and quick breath really helps with both good technique and, most importantly, having a good quick stroke rate.  You can watch another great video from Chloe here to see how to breath really well and quickly.

Please watch especially closely how quickly Chloe breathes 1:24 into the video and try and emulate that speed of breathing when you swim on Saturday.

See you then,


Well done for all your efforts last week on the USRPT 50s, which is probably the most intense session we have done so far this year.  We will be doing some more of these again soon as I think they are a great session for increasing the speed that you can comfortably maintain.  However, this week we are going to slow it down with some steadier-paced swimming to give you more chance to think about technique.

As you know, I love to particularly focus on the high-elbow catch as it is the area of our stroke most of us can gain the most benefit by improving.  And there is a great video by Chloe Sutton, a US ex-Olympian, that has a great demonstration of this together with some drills we haven’t done before.  It is a 9-minute video and I highly recommend watching all of it.  But if you just want to know the drills we’re doing this week look at the two drills starting at 6 minutes into the video – stabilised single-arm and catch-up with a pause.

See you Saturday and I look forward to watching some beautiful high-elbow catches both in the technique subset and also continued into the main set!


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