This week it is the return of the Will Clarke set of 50s swum as a mix of fast and easy 50s with increasing amounts of rest.  The reason I really like this set is that it is a great mix of tight turnarounds near the start with a high frequency of high intensity efforts near the end when you are getting tired.  It also fits really well with our intensity build towards time trials next week.

One of the things most people find most challenging about this set is varying their pace between the fast and slower 50s at the start of the set when the turnarounds are short.  You cannot say you have really mastered this set until you are able to vary the pace when the turnarounds are short so please do try your best to do this.  Try and use a fast and  relaxed stroke rate, which we will be doing drills for before the main set, to make sure you can make the short turnarounds and still be fresh enough to push the faster efforts.  Other things to think about are:

  • Take 5s intervals between every swimmer and make sure you know your times for all the fast effort 50s
  • Try and make every fast 50 the same time – ideally 2-3 seconds faster than your 400m race pace (divide your 400m time by 8 to calculate your 400m pace for 50m, e.g. 6 mins 400m time / 8 = 45 secs per 50m so each one should be swum 42-43 secs)
  • Keep the stroke rate high and the effort low for the most relaxed but fast swimming you can

See you Saturday!