This week we will be doing some more head-up front crawl and straight-arm recovery in the warm-up to get your arms moving quickly.  Remember, short-fast strokes with a quick catch on the head-up front crawl and high-swinging arms with a fast entry on the straight-arm recovery.

The main set is 100s swum in blocks of 3, 4 or 5 off a tight turnaround but with a minute between each set.  Please try and use this set to focus on trying to find that easy-speed by getting the stroke rate high, spinning fast and relaxed.

Then, after a short recovery set, there will be a set of 150s swum just above and just below your 1500m pace.  The quick way to calculate your 150 time at your 1,500m pace is to divide your 1,500m time by 10, e.g. 25 mins for 1,500m means your time for 150 should be 2.5 mins (2 mins 30s).  If you don’t know your 1,500m time then I suggest roughly estimating it by multiplying your 400m time trial time by 4.  If you don’t know your 400m time then come along to the next time trial to find out!

See you Saturday,