We have the pool for 3 hours again this Saturday so will again be splitting it into two 1.5 hour sessions, starting at 7am and 8:30am the same as last week.  The session will not be as challenging as the Christmas swim and we will be swimming less total distance.  However, there will be much more variety in the sets with some technique and different strokes thrown in alongside the aerobic front crawl main sets.

This session marks the end of our aerobic/technique block leading up to Christmas and next week we will start the pre-season training.  We will start to add in some more faster swims during the pre-season with time trials at the end of January and March.  Please remember to try and hold your technique as we add in the extra speed and use Doug’s TUF mnemonic, for Technique Under Fatigue, to help you remember to do this.

And finally, I can’t let 2016 end without mentioning probably the greatest swimmer any of us will ever see in our lifetime – Michael Phelps.  You can watch some good clips from his interviews over his career here:

See you Saturday!