This week the main set consists some 100s off a fairly short turnaround followed by a 50 flat out sprint.  The aim of this set is to get your heart rate up to maximum by sprinting when you are tired so helps to train and improve your VO2 max.  So please make sure you relax as much as possible on the 100s, getting some easy speed even if you get very little rest, and make sure you give it everything on the 50 sprint.

When going flat out please do swim at 100% speed as well as 100% effort, i.e. don’t thrash around putting in loads of extra effort inefficiently.  I recommend you do this by

  • setting a nice high stroke rate by kicking fast as your legs help set the tempo for your stroke
  • keeping your underwater pull controlled and focusing on just levering your body past your hands rather than ripping your hands through the water too quickly and slipping water
  • doing the simple things well – starting and turning with a great streamline push off and swimming fast especially in the last 5 metres when most people slow down a lot

And if you want a reminder of why the little things can make a big difference, whether you’re an Olympic swimmer or not, try listening to some of the tips from members of the recent US Olympic Team here.

See you Saturday,