The main set this week will be what I call the Brownlee main set of progressively-paced 100s.  All the 100s are swum 1-5 progressive (i.e. each one swum progressively faster) with the 4th one of each set being at your 1500m race pace and the 5th one faster.  Aim for a 10s improvement in your time between the 1st 100 and the 5th 100.

I think this is an excellent set for practicing pace-judgement and progressive-pacing, especially as you get tired, as there are no extra rests in this set.  So please try your best at pacing this well and:

  • Take your times for each 100 to check your pace judgement;
  • Try increasing your pace by increasing your stroke rate; and
  • Relax as much as possible and search for that easy speed at a higher stroke right – just like trying to spin your bike in an easy gear at high cadence rather than tiring yourself out and blowing up by pushing too hard a gear.

See you Saturday,