This week I was planning to do time trials but as some of you are away for Easter we will do them next week on 2nd April to ensure you don’t have to miss them.  Instead of time trials we are going to be doing the same USRPT main set of fast 50s that we did last week.  This week, however, I would like you all to aim to swim on average 1s faster per 50 than you did last week.

“How do I do that?”, I hear you cry, “I was nearly sick after swimming the set last week!”  Well, it is only 1s per 50 so surely that is the just a very small marginal gain.  Here are some ideas of how to achieve it:

  • If you only missed out 2 x 50s or fewer last week, miss out 3 x 50s this week and use the extra rest to swim faster.
  • Swim in the correct lane for your pace.  You should be getting 20-25s rest on this set for the most benefit so to swim in lane 1 please make sure you are able to swim them all under 40s, under 45s in lane 2 and under 50s in lane 3 or try lane 4.
  • Try and relax and search for easy speed.  I know many of you find that by trying too hard you tense up and swim slower so do try and relax as much as possible, keep your streamlining and swim efficiently.
  • Keep the pace going especially in the last 5m or 10m of each swim, which is an area is see many of you slow up quite dramatically.  Using your legs in this part of each swim will really help with this and keep your tempo and stroke rate nice and high.
  • Have a good streamlined push off at the start and turn, keeping your head down and maximising the benefit of the push with your legs.  Do a fast tumble turn if you can, too.
  • Use the warm-up and subset this week to make sure you are swimming with as perfect a technique as possible when you start the set.  Good technique is the best way for getting easy speed.

Blimey, with all these great tips I am actually thinking there’s probably a 3s improvement for everyone this week!  But to ensure I don’t get anyone passing out on me I will be happy to just see a 1s improvement – go on, I know you can do it!

See you Saturday,