This week we will be cranking up the pace a bit more and doing a main set with all the swims at a faster pace than we have been swimming over the previous weeks.  The main set is based on USRPT principles, which stands for Ultra-Short Race-Paced Training.  This is a form of training that is proving particularly effective at improving swim speeds with many clubs.  Simon Bradford did a set like this with some of you a few weeks ago while I was away.  The way it works is as follows:

  • The main set is a set of 50s with every one swum fast – at about your 200m race pace (approx 35s per 50 for lane 1, around 40s per 50 for lane 2, around 45s per 50 for lane 3 and around 50s per 50 for lane 4)
  • You must take your time for every 50 and the aim is to swim every one in exactly the same time, so make sure you leave exactly 5s intervals between each swimmer and allow everyone to finish their 50 and take their own time.
  • At this pace of swimming it should be impossible to complete the set.  So, as soon as your pace drops off (even if only by 1 second) miss out the next 50 and join in on the following 50 and get back onto your race pace again.
  • You should need to miss out between 2 and 3 x 50s over the whole main set if you are swimming at the right pace.  If you miss out less than 2 x 50s, you are swimming too slowly.  If you miss out more than 3 x 50s, you are swimming too fast.
  • If the person in front of you misses out a 50, leave a 10s gap so that you are still getting the same rest interval and leaving a space for them to join in on the next one.

This is a tough set but a great one for improving your race pace swimming as we get ready for the next set of time trials in the lead up to the start of the racing season.

See you Saturday,