Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a good break over Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to 2016.  So with my first post of the  year I wanted to talk a bit about the plan for the next few months and what I’d like you to focus on this week.

We will be doing the the usual pre-season build-up over the next few months which means a gradual introduction of some more faster-paced swimming to get ready for the start of the main triathlon season in May.  There will be two more time trials to help you track progress, at the end of January and the end of March.  And I will be introducing a type of fast-paced swimming set that I think is particularly effective at getting you used to race-pace swimming.  However, it does require you to know the times you are swimming for each rep.

I’d really like you to start getting into the habit of knowing your times starting this week.  I have written about this before but as a reminder I think there are a number of very good reasons to do this:

  • It’s a great objective measure on your progress on a far more frequent basis that you can get from doing time trials
  • It ensures better lane discipline, and hence better training for everyone in the lane, as you will be going on more regular intervals (ideally 5s intervals but 3s intervals if the lane is crowded)
  • It will be essential to do some of the sets I have planned
  • Knowing your time will avoid the embarrassment of having to say “I don’t know” when I randomly select you to ask what times you are swimming!

The other key thing to think about as we pick up the pace is technique.  Before Christmas most of the technique work we did were drills to help with your body position and pull but done slowly so really helping increase your distance per stroke.  As we pick up the pace we will be doing some more drills focused on increasing your stroke rate.  Both stroke rate and distance per stroke are essential for fast swimming so play around with varying both of these over the coming months to see what combination works best for you.

See you Saturday!