Yes, it’s that time of year already for the fun and frolics of the CTC Saturday Christmas Swim.  This year’s theme is called “Clarklemas Heroes” as it’s a fusion of our favourite elements from previous Christmas Swims and the Will Clarke hard/easy 50s main set we’ve enjoying swimming before.  And we need some heroes to do the session, too!  We’re keeping with tradition and making it the longest distance session of the year but with the added seasonal spice of some faster paced 50s to add to the fun.  Also, both the 7am and 8am sessions will be the same so to fit it all in the timings for sessions on Saturday will be adjusted as follows:

  • The 7am session will start at 7am promptly at 7am and finish at 8:05am
  • The 8am session will start at 8:05am promptly and finish at 9:10am

To make it successful there are four things, like last year, that I would like you to do:

  1. Arrive promptly and don’t faff or add any extra rest into the set, otherwise it won’t fit in the time available.  If you are really struggling and can’t make every turnaround just miss out a 50 and join in on the next one.
  2. Pace yourself.  It is the longest session we have done this year, and everyone that comes regularly should be fit enough to complete it, but plan on swimming the second half faster than the first half so go out at a steady pace.
  3. Technique, technique, technique.  When you are finding it tough, or even when you are not, please do try and focus on swimming with good technique and doing as perfect a stroke as you can.  Try and stay relaxed when you think about your technique.  You should swim as efficiently as possible, keeping those elbows high at the catch, breathing out all the time underwater and maintaining a good body position.  It will require some mental effort to do this as well as physical effort.
  4. Smile and enjoy it!

See you Saturday,