This week we will be doing some more work on the legs in between a pull set and the main set.  The biggest thing I noticed from those finding the kick hard work last week was the amount of bending of the knees, especially noticeable when kicking on your back.  Then, when I pointed it out to a few of you, there were a few “I though my legs were straight” comments, which is a good example of why swimming technique can be so challenging to get right as it so often feels very different to how it looks.  So this week please do focus on kicking from your hips, with straight legs and pointed toes.

If you want some other tips on using your legs when swimming in triathlon please do read this recent article from Triathlon Magazine that Simon kindly highlighted to me.  I especially like the comment about doing regular stretches to increase your ankle flexibility, which if you’re really struggling with a good kick is something that is easy to improve when out of the pool.

See you Saturday!