This week we will be doing time trials to start the series of time trials we will do this Winter on the last Saturday of every second month (end Nov, end Jan and end March).  As it’s the first time trial of the Winter, and because we have done no race pace swims in preparation, I would like you all to forget about your time and focus on technique.  Hence, we will be doing a long warm-up with some of our recent Unco drills as part of the warm-up in preparation to help you think about your technique.  And the one thing I would like you to think about during the time trial, if you are game enough to come along this week and give it a shot, is getting and holding a good high-elbow catch all the way through the 400.  If you want to think about anything more than just keeping the high-elbow catch then please think about:

  • Keeping relaxed with easy-speed during the first half of the time trial so you can focus on putting your best technique and effort in during the 3rd 100, when typically most of us drop off the pace
  • Aiming the negative split the 400m, i.e. swimming the second 200m faster than the first 200m
  • Keeping as relaxed as possible during the time trial, aiming to feel fresh enough to keep your technique and also put the most effort in the second half

I will be asking those not swimming to take stroke counts during the time trials so we can calculate your distance per stroke and stroke rates.

Remember, this first 400m time trial of the Winter is all about setting a baseline to build from so don’t worry about your time and do think about swimming in the most efficient and relaxed way, with the best possible technique, throughout the whole time trial.

See you Saturday!