I’ve seen and heard about much improved high-elbow pulls over the last few weeks as I’ve challenged you to learn some new drills.  I’ve also been pleased to hear that many of you do feel the difference in your swimming after having practised the drills, which is great to hear.  So the next challenge is to turn these temporary improvements in your underwater pull into more permanent improvements and the best way of doing this is practise.  So please work on your high-elbow catch all session this week, during the warm-up, drill set and especially during the latter half of the main set.  The more you practice this the more permanent the improvements will be!

This week we will be repeating the reverse doggy paddle and hand re-entry drills from last week so please read my previous posts on these if you want a reminder.  We will also be doing some quick catch drill which is a natural progression from these drills to help you think keeping the high elbow catch as you move more quickly through the water.  And for a bit of competitive fun to work on the keeping hold of the water we will also be finishing the session with some 25m pull-back sprints which you can see here.

See you Saturday!