We’ll be continuing the theme from last week of working on the catch and underwater pull with some more practice of the drills from last week and a new drill to work on hand entry.  One thing I would like everyone to do, though, is take your time on the drills.  Drills are very hard to do correctly if you are tired or out of breath and many of the drills we are doing at the moment are best done with as little breathing as possible.  To do this you will need to be fully recovered and only do short swims – hence the fact that we are doing 25m at a time.  There is a rest after each 25 so please do take it, or longer if necessary.  This will give you the best chance to swim the drill well and get the most benefit.  You will have plenty of chance to work hard during the main set!

We will be doing the sideline kicking with quarter catch and reverse doggy paddle drill as we did last week so please read my previous post, and watch my video, if you are unsure of how to do this.  One thing I did notice many of you doing last week on these drills was sweeping your arm across your body during the underwater pull.  Please try and avoid this and concentrate on pulling in a straight line from the high-elbow catch right through to the end of each stroke.

The new drill we are adding this week is the hand re-entry drill where we you get chance to practice your hand entry into the water.  The way you swim it is as follows:

  • This drill is a variant of normal catch-up front crawl
  • The change from normal catch-up front crawl is that after you bring your recovery arm over and place your hand in the water you should pull your hand back out of the water again and repeat the hand entry for a second time before doing a normal underwater pull
  • You do the same with the other arm and repeat for the whole length
  • When doing this you should focus on sliding your hand into the water alongside the wrist of your extended arm, with your palms facing downwards the whole time and keeping a high elbow
  • Slide your hand forwards and down and keep your elbows high before starting the normal catch and pull
  • Remember not to rush the catch – don’t put the power on until your arm is vertical and your hand is below your head!

If this sounds confusing then you can watch this short video of me explaining it here.

See you Saturday!