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This week we will be finishing the 8am session at 9am rather than 9:15am to allow the Juniors to fit in their swimming time trials and will be doing so again on 3rd October.  In return, they’ve offered to give us one of their slots over the next few weeks, so allowing us to have the full 3-hour slot from 7-10.  I will let you know the details when this is agreed.
The aim of the main set this week is to work on your speed endurance and VO2 max so will be doing some 100% effort 50s after some steady-paced 100m swims on a short recovery.  To get the most out of this set I’d like you all to focus on making the 50s a 100% effort, flat-out sprint and try and catch the person in front of you.  So, just as you would if racing a 25m sprint, I’m expecting to see your legs kicking like a powerful outboard motor to set the tempo for an increased arm speed but still holding a long a powerful arm stroke.
See you Saturday!

With the inaugural Toadman World Championships almost upon us, and the pre-race nerves and excitement reaching boiling point, I thought it would be good to burn off some of that nervous energy this Saturday with some Toadman race preparation. So we will be simulating the swim-run-swim-run format of the Toadman during the main set with some mini-Toadman interval training consisting of swim-squat-swim-squat training.
This session will get you all ready to race so no excuses for not entering the Toadman World Championships on 16th. I know for many of us it will be our only World Championship event this year so don’t miss out! For those of you that may have missed the extensive press coverage the details are below:

Toadman World championships. WEDNESDAY 16th of September.

Race format = 1 lap swim (400m), 1 lap run (1k), 1lap swim, 1 lap run, 1lap swim, 1 lap run!

– Sign ups before the event ONLY (via the paypal link) – £10

See you Saturday,


PS Many thanks to Clennell for suggesting this session and I am sure you will all want to express your appreciation to him after the session on Saturday.

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