I am now back from holiday and doing the usual Saturday morning routine.  While I was away I saw Dave Scott’s excellent article in 220 Magazine with some great triathlon training tips but I especially liked his swimming tips, which if you missed them you can read here.

I think his advice is spot on and covers all the basics for good technique and triathlon performance.  His particular advice on imagining an eye ball in your elbow and keeping it looking at the sides of the pool is a good way of reminding yourself to keep those elbows high at the catch.  I know some of you have heard this before, and found it useful, but if you haven’t do try it this week during the session to ensure you’re swimming as efficiently as possible.

This week we will be doing the Brownlee set of 1-5 progressively-paced 100s we did a couple of months ago.  Use the slower-paced swims to make sure you think about your technique and then trying to hold it as you increase the pace to race pace and faster!

See you Saturday,