I’m reading “Swim, bike, run: Our Triathlon Story” by the Brownlees at the moment and they include one of their favourite sessions for swimming, biking and running.  So with Anna having given some of the Brownlee’s nutritional advice in her excellent race report this week I thought we’d try out their swimming session as well.

Their session follows a similar structure to our usual Saturday sessions with warm-up, technique subset and then main set.  The main set consists of some progressively paced 100s but rather than our usual 1-3 progressive it is 1-5 progressive.  The important thing is to be swimming at your usual race pace on the 4th swim so that the 5th swim is faster than your race pace.  Try and aim for 10s improvement in time between the slowest and fastest 100 so each one with need to be 2-3 seconds faster than the previous one.

See you Saturday!