Some of the sets we’ve been doing in recent weeks have been off some tight turnaround times and I’ve also been asking you vary the pace, even when you have little rest.  We will be doing some more of this type of set in the coming weeks so I thought it was worth explaining why we are doing this and what to focus on.

The main reason for doing this type of training is to practice one of the essential skills that most of us want to improve at – swimming fast and relaxed.  When you know that you have a hard effort coming up – like getting out of the water and straight into a hard bike or run – most of us try and relax just a bit and conserve some energy.  Many of us can often do some of the best fast and relaxed swimming when we are focused on saving something for the hard effort rather than feeling the stress of trying to make the turnaround with time to spare.  If you accept that you only need a short rest of 5 seconds or less before a hard effort that it is much easier to relax.  We push the boundaries on this sometimes – with tighter turnarounds that are possible before dropping back into continuous swimming – but this is all about working on the edge of what is currently possible and improving your speed.

This week I will be asking you to do some progressively paced swims as part of the main set.  To get the most benefit of this type of work please really focus on making the faster swims at least 5s faster per 100m.

See you Saturday!


PS  Please try and stick to turnaround times wherever possible and don’t add in extra rest between blocks of work to change lane order.  I know it is not always possible to do this but you will get the most benefit from the sets if you can.