We will be doing the final set of time trials of our 2014/15 Winter training block this Saturday to give you a measure of your current swim speed.  We will be doing the same format as before, with a longer than usual warm-up followed by a 400m and 100m time trial.  The main things you should get from this are:

  1. A measure of your current 400m time trial speed to compare against previous performances as a measure of your current speed.
  2. An estimate of your Critical Swim Speed (CSS), measured in time per 100m, which is a good indicator of your likely race pace for 1500m.
  3. Measures of your average distance per stroke and stroke rate, which you can compare with your previous measures and other swimmers, to see how any technique or fitness changes over the Winter have affected the two most important measures of your swim speed.

Try and mentally break up the 400m into 4 x 100m off a short turnaround, all at the same pace, similar to the way we split the main set last Saturday.  To do this, you will need to feel comfortable on the first 2 x 100 with most of the effort going in on the third and fourth 100m.  Try and use all we have practised over the last few months – especially setting a good stroke rate with your legs and having a  strong catch with high-elbow – to swim as fast and efficiently as possible.

See you Saturday!