We will be doing our final Winter time trials next week (28th March) so the session this week is in preparation.  The main set is all 100s swum at your 400m time trial pace off a short turnaround.  There will also be some technique work with finger drag and fists to help you think about getting a good length of stroke and catch using your whole forearm.

The main set is split into blocks of either 3, 4 or 5 x 100s depending on your lane.  Try to make sure your last 100 of each block is at least as fast, if not faster, than your first 100.  To do this you will need to feel very comfortable on the first 100 but I have set some quite tight turnarounds on some of them to make sure you can’t drop much below your race pace!  However, please do try and relax as much as possible on these first few, even if you get less than 5s rest, to make sure you have enough left to put in the extra effort that you will need to keep your speed either the same or faster.

See you Saturday!