Well done to everyone who did the time trials last week, especially those who had to wait over 30 minutes on the pool side for a replacement lifeguard during the 7am session.  Clearly this was not the best preparation for a time trial, and I think it reflected the difference in results between the first and second sessions, but overall there was still an overall improvement in average times since November.  In fact, having looked back at all the results over the last few years there are a number of performances that stand out from Saturday:

  • Alex Bevis beat the previous best 400m time trial result on Saturday by 1s to set a new record of 4:47.
  • Paul Thorby made an impressive 45s improvement in his 400m time since Nov 2012.
  • Anna Blackwell posted a 12s improvement since March 2014.
  • Sarah Parkin swam 27s faster this time than in May last year.

If you haven’t improved as much as you would like then it is worth trying to understand why and what you’d like to do to change it for next time.  We haven’t done much race-pace work over the Winter so any recent improvements I would expect to come from any changes you’ve been making to your technique over the Winter.  Changes in technique do take time to bed in, and reflect in improved speed, so don’t be too disheartened if you’re not seeing much effect yet.  However, do talk to me or any of the other coaches about any changes you are trying to make if you don’t think the changes you are trying are the right thing and will make a positive difference.

We’ll be doing some more faster-paced swimming on Saturdays over the last few weeks.  This week sees the return of Will Clarke’s favourite set of fast and steady 50s.

See you Saturday,