It’s been very cold recently but we are past the shortest day of the year and can look forward to the start of the triathlon season that will be on us before we know it. So how are you progressing with your swimming goals for this Winter? Are you making the changes to your stroke you believe will help? Are you doing enough of the right sort of practice to make the changes you want?

On Saturday mornings I am planning to continue with the main themes we started in the Autumn, namely:

  • Doing time trials in the last Saturday session of January and March to help you track progress on speed, distance per stroke, strokes per minute and critical swim speed
  • Bringing the underwater camera every Saturday for those that want to check on progress they are making with changes in their stroke
  • Having additional coaching from Chrissie & Simon whenever possible
  • Continuing with technique work as part of the sessions

This week will be doing some finger-drag drill to help with stroke length and shoulder rotation.  You can see a good video of Keri-Anne Payne doing this here:

I’d like you to especially watch the difference in her high-elbow catch when she does the drill properly (55s-1:05 in the video) and when she doesn’t (1:10-1:20).  Notice how she keeps her palms facing downwards when doing it properly with an excellent high-elbow catch.  However, when she over-rotates her elbows drop much lower in the water and she loses that lovely, strong, high-elbow catch.  Please try and focus on this – by keeping your palm facing downwards – when we do this on Saturday.

See you Saturday!