Well done to all those that did the time trials last week – you should now have a good baseline to measure improvements you make in your stroke and/or fitness over the Winter.  I will plan to do one of these sessions every two months on the last Saturday of the month. Therefore, the next one will be at the end of January and the one after that at the end of March.

By now I am sure you will all know that Christmas is fast approaching as you are excitedly opening your advent calendars every morning.  This means that we are on the countdown to the Saturday Christmas Swim so we will do a bit more swimming every week to burn off the chocolate you are eating from your advent calendars every morning.  Like all good Christmas presents the exact format of the Christmas Swim will be an exciting surprise for those that come along on 20th December.  However, I can say that it will involve more swimming than we normally do, will have lots of front crawl and is likely to be a challenge that will make your Christmas Turkey taste even better than usual!

We have two weeks to get ready for the Christmas Swim and will start this week with a long set of 100s off fairly short turnarounds.  My main requests when doing this type of set are two-fold:

  1. Please try and relax as much as possible early on in the set and focus on a relaxed and efficient technique.
  2. Try and maintain your speed as you go through the set by focusing on your technique, and whatever aspects of your stroke help you keep relaxed and efficient. Use whatever you can to remind yourself to think about your technique, such as making every third repetition a technique focused one or focusing on the last length of every other 100.

See you Saturday!