How are you tracking your progress towards your swimming goals over the Winter?  One measure we can use is to measure your Critical Swim Speed (which is an estimate of your lactate threshold pace) and see how this improves over the Winter.  Also, it is useful to measure your stroke rate and distance per stroke as both of these contribute to your swimming speed.  Hence, this week we will be doing a session to help you measure both of these a set a baseline for the Winter that we can measure progress against.

To do this we will be doing a 400m and 100m time trial as part of Saturday’s session.  We will do it slightly differently to how we’ve done them before in the following way:

  • We will each stay in our own lanes to do these with people swimming two at a time with the other timing and counting.  Hopefully you will feel less pressure doing it this way as just the swimmers in your lane will be timing and watching you.
  • Those not swimming will time the swimmers and count their strokes.  We need to know from the timekeepers
    • Split times for each 100m
    • How many strokes they are taking for each 100m
  • From these measurements we can calculate your critical swim speed as well stroke rate and distance per stroke
  • I will send these round after the session so you know what your baseline is for the rest of the Winter

With these measurements you can see how changes in your technique and fitness over the winter affect these three important measurements.  As I mentioned in the blog last week you may find that increasing your stroke rate increases your critical swim speed even if your distance per stroke drops.  Or vice versa.  The key thing is to have an objective measurement to support any change in your fitness or stroke that you are planning to make over the Winter.

See you Saturday!