Three things to be aware of about the session this week – extra coaching, improving your catch and sprinting.

Both Chrissie and myself will be there for the 8am-9:15am session to coach again so please do take advantage of the extra coaching.  To make it easier for us to watch you, and film you if you would like, we will change the lanes everyone is swimming in.  So, lane 3 swimmers will be in lane 4, lane 4 swimmers in lane 3, lane 2 swimmers in lane 1 and lane 1 swimmers in lane 2.  We will do this for both sessions, to keep it simple and also for a change in the way everyone turns at each end.  The sets will still be set for your “original” lane though so don’t get any ideas about having a session that is too easy or too hard!

We will be doing some work to focus on the catch this week.  You will probably be bored of me talking about it now but I will keep banging on about it as it is still the area I think most of us can improve.  I would recommend reading my previous post on this for some detail and good videos.  But the most important thing I want you to work on is the quick catch drill.  If you get it – great, keep working on it.  If you don’t, please do persevere and try and find that strong, quick catch that gives you a surge of power and makes you feel like you really have hold of the water.  Different things work for different people.  Some ideas that I know work for some of you that you can try are:

  • Imagining swimming over the top of your hand, keeping your elbow high
  • Imaging trying to get your hand onto a barrel or something solid underwater to push yourself past
  • Doing a strong front to mid scull to really feel the water
  • Just saying “quick” in your head every time you enter the water

Finally, we will be finishing off the session tomorrow with some 25 sprints, for a few different reasons.  Firstly, it is good preparation for those that will be heading up to the National Master Swimming Championships in Sheffield next weekend.  Secondly, it is great high intensity training and a change from the aerobic swimming we will be doing for most of the session.  And finally, and most importantly, 25 sprints are fun – but please do try and look like a proper swimmer when you are sprinting and kick your legs as hard and fast as you can!

See you Saturday,