This week we will be doing some breast stroke alongside our usual aerobic front crawl.  Also, both Chrissie and myself will be coaching the 8am to 9:15am session so you will get more chance to get some coaching.

Breast stroke is very different from front crawl in many respects but the breast stroke pull has a lot of similarities to the first part of the front crawl pull so I think it a great stroke to help practice the catch with a high vertical forearm.  You can re-read my previous post on this subject here or watch a different video of what a good breast stroke looks like here.

I will also bring along a camera for filming those that want to see a bit more about what they are doing, both above and under the water.  Over the next few weeks I will bring along the camera as often as I can and will also try to get extra coaches to some of the sessions.  It won’t be every week, but we will try to do it as often as possible as now is the perfect time of year to be thinking about your stroke and what changes you should work on over the Winter.

See you Saturday!