I will be away on holiday for the next few weeks so won’t be there to swim or coach any of the sessions until 6th September.  However, Chrissie and Simon have offered to coach some of the Saturday sessions when they can.  They are unlikely to be there every session, due to holidays and Junior coaching commitments, but will most likely be there for some of them.

I have left the sessions for the next few weeks in the box with our registration sheets so if you are first at a session please can you get the session out for the right week and put them against the appropriate lanes.  I have also added the sessions on the website here so if you are away on holiday and want to do some of them, as some of you have already asked, then please feel free to use them!

The theme for the next few weeks is maintaining both speed and speed endurance as we head towards the end of the race season.  If there are two things I would like you to think about when you do these sessions it is varying your pace and maintaining technique when you are tired and swim at speed.  If you want some reminders from my previous posts about this you can look at this one.

Have a good August and race well for those of you that have more races in August.  Remember – you will often race a faster triathlon by backing off a few percent in effort on the swim, getting the basics of navigation right and focusing on a strong, relaxed and efficient technique rather than really trying to push the swim.

See you in September!