This week our main set will be working on top-end swim speed and VO2 max with a mix of 100s and 50s.  To get the most from this set you will need to focus on doing all of the 50s at 100% effort.  This should help improve your VO2 max, top-end swimming speed and help improve your speed endurance when you are still looking to swim at 1500m pace for the 100s after the 50m sprints.

When you are swimming the 50s flat out the most important thing to do is put in 100% effort.  However, you will get more benefit and swim faster if you can also hold your technique together when putting in this effort.  When sprinting try to focus on kicking really hard and fast and getting your speed by pressing harder underwater on each stroke rather than trying to increase your stroke rate.  Your stroke rate will increase naturally as you kick faster and you should be able to keep hold of the water better rather than slipping water as you try to rip your hand through the water too quickly.  For a short video of Roland Schoeman doing some sprint freestyle see the following video.  Especially note the speed of his leg kick!

See you Saturday!