We’ve been doing some pretty intense sets over the last few weeks so this week we’re going to take a step back a bit and give you chance to think about your technique and do some more aerobic-paced swimming.  If you are in the middle of competition season then now is probably not the best time to consider big changes in your technique but I think it is always good to spend some time thinking about technique and making any small changes to any bad habits that have crept in.  We will also be doing some breast stroke for a bit of variety.  Breast stroke is also a great stroke to help practice the important first part of your front crawl pull.

You’ve heard me talk a lot in the past about the importance of the catch by keeping your elbow high and pressing with your hand.  This often gets called the “early vertical forearm” and there are many videos talking about this you will be able to find doing a search on the web.  One particular one I like you can find here.

See you Saturday!