This week we will be doing some more progressively paced swims off a relatively short turnaround to keep the intensity high and practice fast-paced swimming as you get tired.  However, we will also be doing some “quick catch” drills to allow us all to think about a good, strong catch.

I know you have heard me talk about the importance of a high-elbow catch several times before, and I have noticed an improvement from many of you.  However, I think it is still the single biggest area that many of us could obtain further improvement from in terms of efficient swimming speed so I will keep banging on about it!  Three things you can do to work on this:

  1. Re-read my previous posts on this topic and watch the videos, especially this post.
  2. Practice it during the session on Saturday, both during the warm-up, in the drill set and especially when you start to get tired towards the end of the main set.
  3. See the effect on your stroke count and times when you are working on it and get used to what it feels like when you know you are catching the water well.

See you Saturday!