Most people have started the race season now so the emphasis of the Saturday Swimming sessions will now shift to maintaining your swim speed rather than the build-up in speed and intensity we have been doing over the last few months.  There won’t be much specific technique work – the race season is not a good time to start making big changes in your technique – and we will come back to that in the Autumn.  However, as always, I would like everyone to think about technique in every session to make sure you are getting the most from your swimming especially as you swim the faster sets.  Think only about little tweaks to hold into your technique, though, rather than contemplating any big changes.

With most of us aiming for our top performances in races at different times of the season it is important to make sure you are your own coach and adjust the quantity or effort of each session according to your race plan for the season.  I have written about being your own coach before and you can read some of my thoughts on this here, with points 1 and 3 being the most relevant at the moment.

One comment I would like to make is about tapering for races.  Tapering down training before a big race will usually help you get your best performance but I would suggest being wary of trying to taper for too many races in a season.  You will normally only have one or two main races in the season and it is for these races you really need to taper fully to get your best performance.  Other races, if being used as part of your build-up for the main races, should not typically require much tapering and you can pretty much train through them.  So I would suggest being beware of trap of taking it easy before too many races in the season when actually you may get more of a benefit by keeping the training level high and using a race as a high-intensity training session.  But as you are all good at being your own coach and I am sure not many of you will fall into that trap!

See you Saturday!


PS  I will be here this week but away on holiday on 31st May so will leave some sessions in the box for you to do then.  I am trying to arrange a stand-in coach but that may not be possible as the Juniors are also short of coaches next week.  So, if you are first to arrive at the pool please put the sessions out along with the lane ropes and floats.