It’s time for time trials again this Saturday to help you assess how your swimming speed is at the moment. If you did our last time trial two months ago then this is a good measure of your progress at race pace swimming compared with last time. You can look at your times from last time, and especially your splits, to see how well you paced your previous efforts here. If you didn’t do our last time trial then this is a good opportunity to give it a go and get a time for 400m to measure against.

My comments from last time about what to think about going into a time trial are still relevant and you can read them here. The most important thing to think of though for most people is not to panic, tense up and hence lose technique as well as wasting effort. Instead try and use the natural adrenaline that you will most likely have at the start to know you will go out faster than is sustainable, so relax and plan on putting in the effort on the third 100, where most people drop off in pace.

See you Saturday!