Back to normal this week with the times for the sessions with a 7-8 session and 8-9:15.  We will finish the 8-9:15 session a little earlier this week to allow the juniors to start promptly as they are doing time trials and it is only fair to give them a bit of pool time back after the extra time we have had for the last couple of weeks.

This week the main set will be anaerobic threshold 100s, so plenty of rest to allow you to swim fast.  You can re-read my post on this type of set and how to swim it here as well as some thoughts about how to try and swim fast and relaxed here.  We will be doing time trials again next week, as previously promised, so try and use this week’s session to get familiar with that fast and relaxed pace you will need to use next week.

One final reminder, especially as many of our sessions are very full at the moment, is to please remember to be considerate to the other swimmers in your lane and observe good lane etiquette.  We cannot always stick to 5s intervals between swimmers when the lanes get full but most of the other guidelines are easy to follow and allow everyone to get a good workout.  Getting the right lane order is especially important if everyone is to get the maximum benefit from faster sets and you will have plenty of time during the longer recoveries this week to adjust the lane order if required.