This week we will be doing some work on a unique triathlon-specific aspect of open-water swimming – going out fast.  For pool-based racing we all know that swimming an even pace for each 100m is usually the best way of getting the best overall time.  However, in open water with a mass-start often the best way of doing a fast swim for the least effort is to go out hard from the start to get into a good position where you can draft some slightly faster swimmers.  We will be practising this during the main set this week where I will be asking you to do some 200s by swimming the first 100m fast and then dropping back to a steadier and more relaxed pace for the second 100m.  We will also be doing some even-paced swimming in between these 200s.

When doing the 200s in the main set this week please practise your drafting by leaving 5s intervals between swimmers but using the first hard 100m to try and catch the swimmer in front and then drafting them for the remainder of the swim.  You will probably need to use your legs on the first 100m to give you the pace to swim hard but this will prove very tiring so use your legs judiciously.  Also, try and mix it up a bit by not swimming at a uniform fast pace for the first 100m to try and practice for the real-life start where you will have to vary your pace depending on who is around you.  Don’t make it easy for the person behind to catch and draft you.  Have a bit a fun and mix it up a bit!

See you Saturday!