This week is the final week of longer, mainly aerobic-paced sets before we start introducing some faster paced swimming  as we start to build towards the racing season.  So, after the technique on different strokes we’ve been doing, I want to move back to front crawl so this week I’d like you all to think about using your forearms and the back-half of your underwater pull.

To do this we will do a couple of different drills.  The first is front crawl with fists – which is exactly what it says – front crawl swum with your fists closed.  This will be done as part of a golf stroke set so you see the effect of clenching your fists on your stroke count, measured as part of your golf stroke.  The important thing here is make sure you focus on the propulsion you get from your forearms underwater rather than just relying on your hands.  Try and keep your stroke count with fists as close as possible to your normal stroke count by using your forearms as much as possible.

The second drill, which we have done before, is reverse catch-up.  This is the opposite of normal catch-up front crawl where your arms catch each other up but with both arms by your sides rather than out in front.  This is a great drill to help you focus on keeping the length at the end of each pull rather than at the front.  It also has the added benefit of really helping you think about shoulder rotation.  For a good video demonstrating it see the following:

After the drills we will follow-up with a long set of aerobic-paced 100s, with short rest, and a few IMs thrown in to keep it interesting.

See you Saturday!