No technique tips this week – just a brief reminder on how we can all work together to make sure we all get the best workout we can in the swimming sessions given how busy the sessions often are at this time of year.  It can get pretty crowded, especially the 8-9:15 session, so I just thought I’d send out a brief reminder of standard lane etiquette, that most of us already follow, to make sure every session works for as many of us as possible.  Just 5 simple rules usually make most sessions work well in my experience:

1. Everyone in the lane should stop when the first swimmer finishes the warm-up.  I try and make sure every session fits into the allotted time so if you’re late please don’t continue warming up when the lead swimmer finishes.  It just makes it harder to complete the session on time and if you want to finish the warm-up just make sure you arrive on time for the next session!

2. Try and leave 5 second intervals between swimmers when you can.  It is not always possible, especially when you are doing longer reps or there are too many in the lane, but if you can stick to this when possible it will mean you get the best workout and a chance to monitor your times more accurately.  Save the drafting for sets where we need to use it – such as the pursuit swims.

3. Move to one side when you finish, if possible, to let those behind you finish and take their time.  This is not always possible, especially when it gets really crowded, but it is a real courtesy to your fellow lane swimmers.

4. If you get tapped on the feet during a rep, offer to let the swimmer behind go in front on the next rep.  This is not usually a problem for most, but some of us (and I hate to be sexist and say it is more often the men with a faster female on their feet) sometimes find it difficult to let someone else go ahead.  But please do – it is better for all in the lane.

5. If you are leading the lane, please read the whole set before starting out and stick to the turnarounds as much as possible.  I try and set all sets to work best with the set turnarounds so try not to add extra rest in the middle while you read what to do next.  If I get the turnarounds wrong, and you do need to change them, try to let everyone else in the lane know and stick to them throughout the set.

This week we will be doing some back stroke alongside the aerobic front crawl so you can re-read my previous post on this if you want a reminder.  See you Saturday!