As we’re now into the start of 2014 it is time to start thinking about the next triathlon season and getting ready to swim at race pace.  We will start picking up the pace with some faster intervals in the Saturday sessions from February but for January we will be sticking with mainly aerobic paced swimming.  We will continue doing some different strokes as I know many of you find it useful and I believe it helps many of us develop a better feel for the water.

When we start picking up the pace from February onwards the biggest challenge for most of us will be maintaining good technique.  Many of us can start to feel when our stroke falls apart but training in the pool we have a added advantage of being able to measure both our times and count our strokes per length as a measure of stroke efficiency.  So during January, please get into the habit of knowing what pace you are swimming and what your stroke count is throughout the session.  You don’t need to think about times and stroke count every length – or every interval in a set – but checking them frequently will be very useful.

This week we will be doing some breast stroke as the main other stroke to front crawl so please do re-read my previous post about breast stroke to remind you about the key things to think about.

See you Saturday!